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Angiddy Brie From Wye Valley
Award-winning soft cheese from a family farm in the Wye Valley, similar in style to a brie  
£4.90 200g
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Made by the world-renowned Snowdonia Cheese Company, Beechwood is a subtle, naturally-smoked cheese with a gentle, nutty flavour. The mature Cheddar is smoked using sustainable Beechwood and boasts a gorgeously creamy and rich texture – no wonder it won a gold medal in the Global Cheese Awards. Mix it into bacon mac ‘n’ cheese for a smoky delight – with a beer on the side, of course.
£4.00 200g
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Black Bomber Cheddar Cheese
The multi-award winning Cheddar from the Snowdonia Cheese Company.
£7.50 400g
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Black Bomber Cheddar Cheese
The multi-award winning Cheddar from the Snowdonia Cheese Company.
£4.00 200g
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Bouncing Berry
A mature white Cheddar blended with cranberries, this cheese is deliciously creamy, light and fruity. Moreish, with a subtle sweetness, this cheese has won a Silver medal at Nantwich International Cheese Awards.
£4.00 200g
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Calon Wen Mellow Cheddar £2.50
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Caws Cenarth Black Sheep £5.00
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Green Thunder
Green Thunder combines the savoury depth of mature Cheddar with the perfect balance of garlic and herbs. This well balanced cheese from Snowdonia Cheese Company has won a Gold medal at the Global Cheese Awards. Try it with oat cakes, melted on toast or paired with a herbal gin cocktail.
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Pant Ys Gawn
This beautifully fresh, creamy goats’ cheese from Abergavenny. It tastes deliciously salty and lemony; try it grilled, on a light biscuit or crumbled into a salad.
£2.95 125g
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Per Las Organic Blue
Perl Las, meaning ‘Blue Pearl’ in Welsh, is a superb organic blue cheese made by Caws Cenarth in Carmarthenshire. This delicious, golden, veiny cheese has become one of the most famous and highly regarded cheeses in Wales. It is delicately salty and creamy with a lingering blue aftertaste. Pair with a glass of sauternes, or use it to create a blue cheese sauce – the perfect accompaniment to steak or pasta dishes.
£5.95 200g
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Mon Las Blue
Mon Las is a creamy blue cheese made on Anglesey. This richly-veined medium-firm blue is produced by following a Welsh take on a Gorgonzola recipe and a past winner of the Royal Welsh Show’s Supreme Champion Cheese Award.
£5.50 200g
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Perl Wen
One of Wales’ best loved soft cheeses – along with its equally loved Cenarth cousin, the blue Perl Las – Perl Wen is a glorious and unique cross between a traditional Brie and a Caerffili. Caws Cenarth in Carmarthenshire use their farmhouse Caerffili recipe as a starting point for their organic Perl Wen (the Welsh for ‘White Pearl’), which gives its soft centre a fresh citrus flavour with a hint of sea salt. Hungry? Keep things simple with crackers and a slice (or five!) or Perl Wen, or bake the whole wheel in the oven for a glorius fondue.
£6.00 200g
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Red Devil £4.00
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Red Storm
A fairly recent addition to the Snowdonia Cheese Company range, Red Storm is a strong and creamy vintage red Leicester. This cheese is typically aged for 18 to 21 months, creating an intense flavour and refined texture. With notes of caramel, Red Storm totally redefines what you might expect from a red Leicester. Try it with a glass of shiraz, or bake it into cheese soufflés.
£4.00 200g
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Teifi Organic Halloumi Cheese
Caws Teifi have recently turned their considerable cheesemaking talents to a new variety: organic Halloumi. This semi-hard, slightly salty unpasteurised cheese is fantastic when grilled or fried, as these cooking methods give it the perfect combination of crispiness and bounce.
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Thelma’s Organic Caerffili
Thelma Caerffili is named after Thelma Adams, who led the revival of Welsh artisan cheese production with her husband Gwynfor in the mid-1980s in response to the introduction of milk quotas. Today Carmarthenshire-based Caws Cenarth is run by Thelma and Gwynfor’s son Carwyn. Thelma Caerffili is a more mature version of their traditional Caerffili; it has a loose and slightly crumbly texture with a delicate lemony flavour – an essential cheeseboard pick.
£4.80 180g
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