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Bam Bam Shaker

Perfect for glazing meats before grilling, also tastes great as a curried goat seasoning!


Best Kebab Seasoning

Toasted the nicest whole spices and ground them into the world’s best kebab mix.

Low sugar and lower salt than most of my rubs, so add both to taste if needed.

Mix with oil and slap all over lamb shoulder before slow roasting and shredding into flatbreads with mint yoghurt, pickled pink onions and loads of salad. Also works really well with vegan chicken pieces, just hard fry them in the pan with plenty of oil, chuck in some shallot once cooked and dash in some kebab rub. Toss about and heat through before serving.

Vegan Friendly


Bone Sucker Rib Seasoning

Vegan friendly

Sweet classic rib rub and you can use on chicken too. 

Spice mix, sweet blend with notes of smoky bacon and black pepper.


Dragon Salt Shaker

Very low on the heat scale but life changing on the flavour side. Super salty, with a hit of fennel, anise, garlic and blackened with coconut charcoal.

It’s amazing dusted chips as soon as they come out of the oven or fryer – the greasier the better as it’ll stick easier. It’s also the missing ingredient to all of your fried rice and stir fry dishes. Dust it on fried chicken.

Vegan Friendly / No Major Allergens, Contains Monosodium Glutamate


Espresso Yo Self Shaker

Smoked Chipotle x Dark Roast Coffee Special Rub

Combo of smoked chilli, dark roast coffee beans and sweet brown sugar is life changing.

Smokey, rich & sweet rub for ribeye steaks, briskets & short ribs. Builds great dark, heavy bark for smoking. Also a great seasoning for meaty and beany chillies or for smoked or roasted chicken.