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Balti Curry Sauce

A medium curry sauce very flavoursome with a citrus herby taste.


Beef Dripping


Hot Madras Curry Sauce

A typical hot curry sauce which tends to be hotter than Bhoona and milder than Jhalfrezi.


Jhalfrezi Curry Sauce

A hot curry sauce, combination of Bhoona and Madras only more flavoursome with a distinct taste of green chilli and capsicum.


Korma Curry Sauce

A thick mild curry sauce with a strong blend of coconut, almond and milk.


Medium Bhoona Curry Sauce

A medium curry sauce with well rounded tasting, dry-ish curry, usually cooked with a little coconut and fresh coriander.


Tikka Masala Curry Sauce

A thick creamy curry sauce with a rich blend of almond and coconut.