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Apple County Cider with Raspberry

Raspberry Cider is a delicious taste of summer from Apple County. Sparkling 100% juice cider


Apple County Dabinett Medium Cider

This cider is bursting with flavour from Dabinett bittersweet apples.

Made with 100% juice


Barti Pembrokeshire Seaweed Spiced Rum 70cl

The perfect unique gift for a rum lover, or the adventurous foodie. A delicious spiced spirit drink with Caribbean rum, infused with Pembrokeshire seaweed


Coles Alexander Gin 70cl

A unique vapour infused gin made with 15 of the worlds finest natural Botancis that produces a light citrus taste with hints of juniper and coriander.

This gin changes colour when tonic is added


Coles Raspberry Gin 70cl

Raspberry Gin is made by infusing fresh raspberries with our classic premium Gin, giving it a sweet and fruity flavour. It is ideal on its own with ice or mixed as a cocktail


Coles SA32 Vodka 70cl

oles SA32 vodka has a name inspired by the postcode that it had been distilled at, this is an excellent, yet understated award-winning vodka that is crafted in small batches. The result is a delightful distinctive vodka full of flavour and smooth, complex in character


Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl

Rich, warming creamy texture and fudge toffee is overlaid with the tingling aroma of fresh clean spirit


Sutton Ridge Vineyard ‘Dewdown’ Sparkling Wine

Made using the traditional method and aged for a minimum of 2 years, this sparkling wine is produced from Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc grapes

Double silver medal winner